Our custom Salmon Slammer metal die. Our exclusive shape and action. Your results.

Our trolling spoons are stamped from custom metal dies we own. Using American steel, the entire process starts and ends in Northern Michigan. Our spoons are high quality and will last the abuse from the sharp teeth of salmon, trout, walleye, steelhead, pike and more. Our trolling spoon shapes were created in the 80’s and have been proven producers ever since.

  • 6” super Slammer TROLLING SPOONS

    The Godfather of our spoons. Our super slammer trolling spoon is the largest of our slammers, giving it an extreme action that even the most finicky fish can't resist. Great for big lake trolling. Finished with a 2x VMC treble hook or single hook.

  • 5” salmon Slammer TROLLING SPOONS

    Great for King Salmon and Lake Trout The original Salmon Slammer from the ‘80s is back! With more than 40 years of history catching salmon and lake trout, this spoon is still a proven producer for all fishing in the Great Lakes. Like all our Salmon Slammers, this one is finished with VMC needlepoint 2X treble hooks.

  • 4” Slim slammer TROLLING SPOONS

    Great for Atlantics, Steelhead and Pike. With the Slim Slammer you get all of the benefits of the original model, but in a more versatile size. It’s a favorite of big lake fisherman, and anglers on the inland waters have great success with it, too. The curved design gives a flutter that no fish can pass up. Use it for catching salmon, lake trout, steelhead, walleye, and pike.

  • 2 3/4” mini Slammer TROLLING SPOONS

    Our go-to walleye trolling spoon. Our mini slammer trolling spoon is the smallest of our slammers, but it packs a punch for walleye, trout, pike, and steelhead anglers. It can be used on big lakes or inland waters. Finished with a 2x VMC treble hook.

  • 3/8 oz jigging spoons

    Good for all-season fishing. Our custom jigging spoons produce a quick-fall action or flutter action getting even the most finicky fish to bite. Our spoons have highly successful results for ice fishing on inland lakes and larger bodies of water like the Saginaw Bay. Perch, walleye, trout and pike will strike when they see the eyes of our spoons in their path.

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